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While we are nomadic individuals, going where the wildlife takes us, and we can spend more time away than at home, our base is in the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado. This is where our Untamed Jungle Expedition starts from, as well as being the home town and the starting point of the career of our Co-founder and lead guide, Naun Amable Silva.

Naun Amable Silva

Naun has 15 years of wildlife guiding experience. Born and raised in the Peruvian Amazon, he has grown up in a close relationship with nature. One of the top guides to be found in his hometown, the hub of jungle tourism in southern Peru, his English is fluent after 5 years living in England, and his knowledge of the local area and its flora and fauna is extensive.
He has worked for local NGO’s, studying local flora and fauna, and has worked free lance for many of the tour companies operating in Puerto Maldonado, as well as across South America!

In the past five years he has expanded his knowledge and guiding experience, leading Birds of Peru tours, visiting the hotspots than any true birding tour must include, as well as guiding in the Pantanal of Brazil, and Chilean Patagonia, the best locations in the world to see wild jaguars and pumas.

He is also an amateur photographer, having discovered the beauty in capturing wildlife and nature in pictures. He loves nothing more than to share his passion with his guests, whether it be searching out obscure birds, turning over leaves in search of frogs and snakes, or photographing the impressive wild felines of South America.

The equipment Naun works with includes:

Vortex Talon 8×42 – Kowa TSN 883 – Canon 7D mark II – Canon 600mm lens – I-pod and portable speaker

*** Naun offers the possibility of renting his lens to guests with Canon equipment during trips

Susanna Lewis de Amable

Susanna left her job as an Ecologist in the UK in 2015 to join her husband in South America. What was originally a four month trip ended up with her staying permanently.

A graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Lancaster University she has spent her time since researching, working with, and conserving wildlife and habitats across several South American countries, as well as in the UK.

While her husband pursues wildlife for photography, she follows for the opportunity to study and learn about the wildlife. While she is fascinated by and enjoys learning about all plants and animals, she particularly enjoys birds, bats and felines, which doesn’t explain why her favourite animal is the Tasmanian Devil.


Cesar Bollatty Bedregal

Cesar was born in the rainforest of Peru and now lives in Cuzco & Puerto Maldonado. He is widely regarded as one of the finest peruvian bird guides with truly remarkable field skills, including an extensive knowledge of bird vocalisations.

Caesar’s resume includes working as a birding guide in Brasil & Bolivia , guiding documentary and photography tours for national television channels,and for many years he has worked as a natural history rainforest Guide at Tambopata Nacional Reserve, Manu National Park where he has also been part of Macaw and Giant River Otter. He is specialized in leading bird tours and as one of a few licensed birding guides from the Ministry of Tourism in Madre De Dios, he speaks fluently English and is well known for his field craft when leading tours.

Cesar works with Leica binoculars and a Kowa scope.


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