Birds of Colombia

A gray-scale picture of lead guide Naun Amable Silva working in the field as

Photo Expedition

Birds of Colombia

A gray-scale picture of lead guide Naun Amable Silva working in the field as

Photo Expedition

This expedition takes you to the eastern part of Colombia on a photographic journey to see and capture some of the country’s incredibly diverse bird species.

A key aspect of this tour is that it is not aimed at seeing the maximum number of species possible, but instead, visiting places that provide the best photographic opportunities. Although many of our targets will include endemic, or otherwise difficult to see species.

With so much to see, you could spend many months exploring the depths of this country’s riches, but this expedition focuses on a small area between the two eastern of the three Andean mountain chains.

The journey starts in the city of Cali, from where we head up into the western hills to visit a number of locations, spending one to two whole days at each site to make the most of the photographic opportunities they provide.

From there, we head north to Manizales, with one or two important stops on the way.  The second half of the expedition is focused in the hills around this city, visiting another array of sites, each with their own distinct assemblage of species.

A common theme you will find on this expredition is visiting privately owned land that the owners have decided to preserve and dedicate to the viewing of birds. This allows them to earn a sustainable income while preseving natural habitat and species, an endavour we are proud to support.

In addition, they make use of sugar water feeders, and banana feeders which makes for spectacular viewing and photography opportunities.

Explore the country with the world’s highest number of bird species

Experience it’s huge diversity concentrated in a small geographical area

Get the opportunity to view and photograph Colombian endemics, range restricted, or otherwise normally difficult to see species.

Visit specially selected sites set up with bird photography in mind

Guided by a fluent, English speaking guide with experience working with wildlife and photography across South America

Local guides with up-to date knowledge of the local bird sites and activity.

A custom made itinerary based on your preferences and guided by our knowledge to create the perfect expedition for you

A male Red-headed Barbet perches on a branch in the cloud forests of the Andes, Colombia

All our expeditions are customisable to suit you. Only have one week? Want to stay longer? Want top notch accommodation, or on a bit of a budget?

While there are limitations, we take into account all your preferences and create the itinerary best suited to you, but here is an example 10 day itinerary to wet your appertite:

Arrival: Fly into Cali (CLO) International airport. Transfer to a hotel in Cali, or start the journey into the Colombian Andes

Days 1-3: West of Cali, in the western-most chain of the Colombian Andes (Cordillera Occidental) is the Dagua municipality. Here we will spend nearly 3 full days visiting 4-5 different sites.
Highlights include Toucan Barbet, Chestnut Wood Quail (e), Colombian Chachalaca (e), Multicolored Tanager, Golden-headed Quetzal, Andean Motmot, Acorn Woodpecker, White-naped Brushfinch etc.

Day 4: Traveling northwards from Cali, there are a few potential stops en route, including one to see the nearly endemic (ne), tiny, adorable, Spectacled Parrotlets, as well as the possibility for roosting Common Potoo and Common Nighthawk.

Days 5-9: Visiting multiple sites to the east and west of Manziales. Here there are several unmissable species of antpitta such as Slate-crowned,  Bicolored (ne), Chestnut-crowned, Rufous and Crescent-faced. Visit a lek of Golden-collared Manakin, and other sites filled with humminbirds, tanagers, brushfinches, toucans, woodpeckers and tinamous.

Day 10: Transfer to Pereira (PEI) Airport

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