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This expedition takes place in the centre of the South American continent, where a natural depression has resulted in the largest freshwater wetland on the planet – the Pantanal.

It spreads over 140,000km2, most of it found within the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, although Bolivia and Paraguay also claim small portions of it.

This unique habitat hosts a mix of cerrado and amazon species, making it home to an impressive amount of wildlife. Likened to the savannas of Africa, it has its own giants – the world’s largest otter, anteater, armadillo, macaw and rodent. The continents largest land mammal, the tapir, and of course, the continent’s largest feline.

On this trip, we offer you the opportunity to join us on a journey into the wetlands in search of the largest feline on the American continent – the jaguar.

The Pantanal supports the highest known density anywhere in their current range, but they remain elusive and difficult to see even here. Except one area which has garnered the reputation as being the best place to go and see this wild feline.

And this is where we will take you.

It’s also home to deer, foxes, racoons, monkeys, seven feline species, millions of caiman, and masses of wading birds such as cormorants, egrets, herons, and all five species of kingfisher to be found on the continent.

The adventure starts in the city of Cuiaba and we explore this wildlife paradise by foot, safari truck and by boat. Expeditions start from 7 days (to as long as you want!), with extensions to southern Pantanal (Campo Grande) and other parts of Brazil also possible.

Explore the world’s largest freshwater wetland and it’s incredible biodiversity

Unparralelled photographic opportunities of wild jaguars in their natural habitat

Stunning landscapes filled with other wildlife such as yacaré caiman, giant river otters, lowland tapir, capybara, giant anteater, ocelots, jabiru stork, hyacinth macaw, marsh deer, toco toucan, agami heron

A birders paradise with over 400 species recorded in the Pantanal, including 5 species of kingfisher, multitudes of wading birds such as storks, egrets and herons, hawks, parrots, macaws, down to the 18 species of tiny hummingbirds

Visiting lodges selected for their wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities of mammals and birds

Stay on a flotel (floating hotel) in the middle of the wetlands, and the top jaguar hotspot

Private transport throughout the expedition

Guided by a fluent, English speaking guide with experience and understanding of jaguar behaviour, as well as other fauna of the Pantanal

A custom made itinerary based on your preferences and guided by our knowledge to create the perfect expedition for you

All our expeditions are customisable to suit you. We take into account all your preferences and create the ideal itinerary, but here is an example 10 day itinerary to give you some ideas:

Day 1: Arrive at Cuiaba Airport (CGB), lunch in the city or en route. Spend the afternoon enjoying your first taste of the Pantanal at a lodge along the famous Transpantaneira, an artificially elevated highway with 122 bridges.

Day 2: Spend a full day exploring the area around the lodge once cattle ranch in a drier area of the Pantanal, and the species that it hosts. 

Day 3: Continue deeper into the wetlands, by lunch arrive in the heart of the land of the jaguars. Settle in to your floating hotel, before heading out on your first outing in search of this wild feline, and enjoying the other surprises the Pantanal has in store. 

Days 4-7: Two daily outings in search of jaguars and photographic opportunities of other wildlife including giant otters, capybaras, caiman, tapir, deer, monkeys, lizards, snakes and lots and lots of birds – too many to mention.

Day 8: One last short morning outing to get your last shots, or heading straight out, retracing your steps back along the Transpantaneira to a different lodge along the highway. Enjoy the different habitats and wildlife they support. (It’s also possible to take a private charter to Southern Pantanal for an extension.)

Day 9: A full day of photographic exploration – bird feeders, safari outings, boat rides etc

Day 10: Depending on depature flights, breakfast at the lodge, possibly time for some more wildlife observation and photography, before transport back to Cuiaba.

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