Peruvian Cloud Forest

A gray-scale picture of lead guide Naun Amable Silva working in the field as


A gray-scale picture of lead guide Naun Amable Silva working in the field as

Cloud Forest

The Untamed Peruvian Cloud Forest Expedition takes you to the eastern slopes of the tropical Andean mountains, where rising above the sweeping lowlands of the Amazon Rainforest, lies the mystical cloud forests of Peru.

Regular swathes of clouds cloak the canopy in a dense mist, giving life to an abundance of epiphytes such as mosses, lichen, bromeliads, orchids and moreamongst the gnarled branches of the forests.

Here, species such as the spectacled (Andean) bear, gray woolly monkey and the Andean cock-of-the-rock still live unmolested.

This expedition takes you down the Manu Road, a route famous in the birding world due to the astonishing quantity of species that can be seen on this route. It is also the main entry route to Manu National Park.

The longer you can spend, the further you can go, and the lower you can descend. Starting from highs of Cusco (3,400m) in the Andes, descending down and stopping at 2 or 3 different lodges, travelling down thorugh the different habitats from the high open paramo, through elfin forests, cloud forests and down to the higher reaches of lowland rainforest (800m).

This expedition gives you the chance to see many exquisite bird species including quetzals, mountain toucans, multitudes of tanagers & hummingbirds, the Amazonian umbrellabird, the Andean cock-of-the rock and so many more. The expedition includes visiting a lek where the Andean cock-of-the-rock males gather and make elaborate displays to gain the attention of females.

This expedition can easily be combined with a visit to Cusco and Machu Picchu, or a visit to Manu National Park or our Peruvian Amazon expedition in Tambopata. Or for a more complete experience of the birds of Peru, check out our Untamed Birds of Peru Expedition.

An unforgettable journey through one of the most bird biodiverse routes on the planet

A birders paradise with over 1000 species, from the shy ground dwelling tinamous; large, loud and gaudy canopy dwelling macaws, to the 18 species of tiny hummingbirds

Visit an Andean Cock-of-the-Rock lek, where varous males gather every day in the hopes of wooing a female

See some of the cloud forest mammals such as woolly monkeys, howlers, agoutis etc

Endless opportunities for wildlife, landscape and macro photography of montane forests

Guided by a fluent, English speaking guide for the duration of the trip

Private transport throughout the trip

A custom made itinerary based on your preferences to create the perfect expedition for you

All our Expeditions are tailor made to cater to your preferences andwhile guide you on your journey to experience the best of the Peruvian cloud forest.

To make the most of your visit, we suggest spending two nights at each lodge on your the journey down the eastern slopes of the Andes (5-7 days), such as follows:

Day 1 & 2: Morning depature from Cusco (3,400m), descending to the first lodge at around 2,900m. Stopping on route at a series of lakes for water fowl and other high altitude species found in the grasslands and scrub, and other sites along the route for specific species.

From this area we can make trips to return up to the tree-line, or descend further down, stopping at sites known by your guide to be home to certain species, or keeping an eye out for mixed foraging flocks. The lodges also have trails and hummingbird feeders.

Days 3-4: Descending another 300m to the next lodge. From here we repeat the routine, exploring both up and down Manu Road, in search of species specific to different altitudes or habitats. The Andean Cock-of-the-Rock lekking activity occurs both in the mornings and afternoons, so multiple visits can be made to maximise photographic opportunity.

Days 5-6: The final lodge is in the transitional area between cloud forest and lowland rainforest, and has species from both worlds. As a research station, they know about their bird fauna, and have extensive trail sysems covering several 100 meters of elevational change.

Day 7: Depending on your preferences, spend the early morning around the lodge, or start the ascent, making strategic stops for any missed speices. Arriving to Cusco in the afternoon for flights or continue your Peruvian adventure. (Can also be extended to continue on to Manu National Park.)

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