Jaguars of Pantanal (Sept 2019)

Karen & Jon (Huyer Perspectives Photography)

Canmore, Canada


TripAdvisor Review:


I’m just back from my second trip with Untamed Expeditions, this time to the Brazilian Pantanal. Just like my puma trip in 2017, Naun delivered exceptional results and he worked tirelessly to ensure that we had the best possible experience


As a photographer, I need a guide that can not only find the animals but also anticipate their movement and be able to get in the best spots for images. Naun understands this perfectly, and I now have a hard drive stuffed with trophy shots that attest to that. 


In terms of travel logistics, Naun ensured that everything flowed smoothly and all our needs were well taken care of. I’ve been on many trips with many guides but I can’t think of anyone else with such a keen eye and encylopedic knowledge of every species. I’m looking forward to my next trip with Untamed Expeditions — hopefully soon!


– Jon Huyer

Pumas of Patagonia (Aug 2019)

Shravan Rao

Ottawa, Canada


TripAdvisor Review:


“The untamed puma expedition to Patagonia was organised by Naun Amable Silva. From picking me up in Punta Arenas to dropping me off at Punta Arenas well in time for my flight, he was outstanding.


This was a solo expedition without any other travellers.


Since I am a vegetarian, Naun arranged for food in each place to my taste and interest. The room was a bit cold and he made sure to get an extra heater in my room. His attention detail was excellent.


The pumas themselves were absolutely awesome. He found many pumas each day and got me across the terrain (I am not a trekker) without difficulty. He got us into good positions for photographing the pumas without any danger to the puma and to us. The pumas were in an adjoining private property to the Torres del Paine national park, meaning we could go on foot and off trail with permission from the private owner.


Naun himself is great company, has a sense of humour and is very friendly. It made for an even better trip.”

Pumas of Patagonia &  Jaguars of Pantanal (Oct 2018)

Art Ryan & Christa Papworth (PapaArtzzi*Pics)

Newcastle, Australia


I’d like a word with anyone looking for a South American wildlife adventure.

Talk to Naun Amable Silva of Untamed Expeditions, a man who can guide you to pumas, jaguars and the enormous variety of birds and wildlife on this great continent. From Chile to the Pantanal, Costa Rica to the Amazon.

My wife and I joined Naun in Patagonia after meeting and chatting with him some years ago in the Pantanal. On seeing his photos and communicating over a number of months, we decided to give him a go rather than the bigger players. Our friend, YY Chin, a more than accomplished traveller of many years, joined us as well as, and the four of us drove to Torres del Paine in search of pumas.

Naun delivered better than any of us could hope for.

We then travelled to Brazil and the Pantanal. Once again Naun delivered far more than our first trip there. Travelling with him is easy and fruitful. He asks what you want, and then does everything to deliver.

Since retiring, we have travelled extensively each year, though Africa, India, Alaska, South America and the poles, so we have a good idea of the difference between good and mediocre.

My prime need from any guide, whether they are a photographer or not, is to get me into the best position to take my clicks. Naun does that, so I’m more than happy. I like his as a bloke as well, and that is a bonus.

Give him a go. You won’t be disappointed.”                     


Pumas of Patagonia (Oct 2018)

YY Chin (Author of WILD)



I visited Torres del Paine two years ago, and spent a considerable time looking for and endavouring to photograph pumas.


I considered myself extremely lucky then, to be  able to see 5 pumas in one day. The next 4 days yield nothing despite us going round specifically to look for pumas every morning. However, only one sighting was worthy of photography, while the other sighting, consisting of a mother and two cubs were not photographic material as the pumas were more than a kilometer away. We were also unable to persue the pumas off road as we were operating inside the park.


I returnted to Torres del Paine with Australian friends, as well as a guide Naun recently. Although Naun is Peruvian, he has been guiding in the Torres del Paine for several years and is well acquainted with the people as well as the pumas in this area. The end result thus was considerable different.


We were able to have sightings everyday and some of the sightings and experience are indeed “world class” . Naun’s knowledge and his use of a capable spotter made all the difference. He knows which puma is habituated and which puma is not. As a keen amateur photography such knowledge is important to me, especially when we are dealing with wild animals. As a result of his guidance I was able to photograph a puma that was positioned less than 10 metres away.  Naun is emphatic and will not push you unnecessarily,  as looking for pumas can be tedious as well energy and emotion sapping and is most patient with less physically capable participants.


Naun is also a very talented photographer and his talent is matched by his humility and generosity. He will certainly not hesitate to guide you in getting the best image possible.


I highly recommend Naun to any  photographer that wants to add great images of pumas to his portfolio.”


Pumas of Patagonia (April 2018)


Danilo L.



TripAdvisor Review (translated)


Wonderful place, we found pumas every day and were able to approach them without difficulty.


Naun was a perfect guide, very attentive and competent. No risk during sightings and always everything in perfect safety.


The tour is quite demanding, you have to walk a lot but it is feasible if in good physical condition, no problem even for my 65 years …


Peruvian Cloud Forest & Peruvian Amazon (May 2017)

Karen Codling

Bangkok / Okonjima Nature Reserve, Namibia


 TripAdvisor Review:


“Untamed Expeditions arranged a wildlife trip for my husband and I in Peru in May this year. They organised a great itinerary in the north and south of Peru, with time also in Cusco.


Naun Amable Silva was our guide. He is an excellent birder and and helped me enormously with my photography. In addition to being a great guide, he is fun to be around and we all got on extremely well. The places we stayed all offered the best wildlife viewing in the area. Naun quickly picked up on our particular interests and went out of his way to accommodate them.


Untamed Expeditions is a small, new company so don’t expect slick brochures or beautiful itineraries with stock footage pictures. You will however get personalised service, itineraries that match your interests and a passionate, highly experienced guide. We are already planning trips to Patagonia and Colombia with Untamed Expeditions and, if we can fit it in, back to Peru and Brazil also.”



Peruvian Amazon (May 2017)

Doug & Kathryn Brenne

North Bay, Ontario, CANADA


“We spent four nights/five days in the Amazon Jungle of Peru with Naun as our guide. Naun grew up in the jungle and his skills for spotting and knowledge for all types of wildlife is unparalleled. An excellent photographer he was able to help us set up photos and knew where to find the best subjects.


En route to our secluded lodge we spotted and photographed a jaguar on the banks of the river. We saw numerous birds, mammals, insects and snakes. Naun was well organized and had activities planned for us each morning, late afternoon and evening.


Susanna provided daily talks on a variety of jungle subjects. Her photos and knowledge were excellent.


Naun, a native Peruvian, spoke excellent English having perfected the language while living in England. He was very calm and helpful.


We would highly recommend Naun as a guide.”